Monday, February 6, 2017

India Training Conferences ~ January 2017

Truth Connect (TC) was in India for two training conferences in January, 2017.  Pastor Moses Kancharla and the Berea Baptist Church in Chintal, Hyderabad hosted both a Spiritual Life Conference (SLC) and a Leadership Training Conference (LTC).  This was TC's fifth successful trip to India to encourage and equip Church leaders.  Dr. Donald Schreier and his wife, Karen, were the teachers for both conferences.  The SLC's focus was on the spiritual and practical lessons learned from the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament.  The LTC's focus was on leadership lessons learned from Old Testament Kings.  The LTC hosted pastors from more than 200 kilometers away.  Truth Connect gives God thanks for His providential blessing and protection during this time of travel and training.  Truth Connect thanks all of its prayer partners and financial supporters who invest in this ministry.

Pastor Moses, Enosh "Happy", and Ratnah Kancharla were the conference hosts & hostess.

SLC participants listen attentively.  The Indian church is hungry for God's word!

Dr. Don and Auntie Karen were the conference speakers. 

Pastor Moses interpreted for Dr. Don for both SLC & LTC.

Indian ladies in their colorful saris love to study God's word.

Entire families participated in the SLC.

Indian pastors digging into the LTC lessons.

Indian pastors learning how God prepared King David to lead His people.

The pastors contrast the good and bad leadership characteristics Israel's kings.

Each learning session began with traditional Indian worship music and songs of praise to Jesus.

Karen ministered and encouraged the Indian ladies.

What a beautiful group of believers!

Certificates of achievement were given at both SLC and LTC.

After each teaching session the people would come for prayer.

Praying over God's little ones.

The Indian girls wear lots of bright colors and jewelry.

This father and son were key helpers for the SLC & LTC.

The Indian tradition of honoring guests and saying "thank you" is to place a shaw over the shoulders and a garland of flowers around the neck.  Pastor Moses honored Dr. Don and Ratnah honored Karen.  It was a wonderful end to a great week of learning and deepening friendships. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Truth Connect Trains Leaders in Kampala, Uganda ~ October 2016

Truth Connect was in Kampala, Uganda in October, 2016 to teach a Leadership Training Conference (LTC).  Pastor William Bukenya was the conference organizer.  He also serves as co-director of Raising Up Hope for Uganda  (RUHU ~ see previous post).  Pastor Fred and Justine Bakaluba of Healing Springs Church, Nakuwadde Bulenga hosted the LTC.

Last year when I visited with William and Patrick to tour RUHU's work with street children, we dreamed of doing a LTC together this year.  William was instrumental in making it happen.  He knows the value of investing in leadership training and he wanted his fellow Ugandans to benefit from Truth Connect's ministry.  This year's LTC was a great success with over 100 leaders in attendance, some traveling hundreds of kilometers to attend.  There is already great anticipation and planning underway for next year's LTC in Kampala!

Pastor William (right) welcomes the conference attendees.

LTC host & hostess, Pastor Fred and Justine and family.

I taught the LTC from 10am until 5:30pm ... and they wanted more!  It was a great time of learning and sharing God's Word and biblical leadership principles.

Ugandan Pastor and I enjoyed becoming friends.

Pastor William's wife, Esther and their precious little one.

Erick Simba came all the way from Nairobi, Kenya for the LTC.

LTC attendees were so happy to learn Biblical leadership principles.

Healing Springs Church helped provide a hot lunch at the LTC.

Conference attendees were eager learners.

All LTC participants received a highly prized "Certificate of Achievement".

Raising Up Hope For Uganda ~ Ministering To Street Children. October 2016

Truth Connect was in Uganda in October, 2016 to present a Leadership Training Conference (LTC).  While in Kampala, Don & Karen visited their friends at Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU).  Patrick and William are the Directors of RUHU.  Their ministry works to rescue and restore children orphaned and/or abandoned to live on the streets of Uganda's capital city.  RUHU's ministry includes elementary schools, boys and girls homes, a half-way house and The Village of Hope.  RUHU's story is amazing and its ministry is extremely impactful.  Please visit RUHU web site to learn more and to support its work with children (

William, Don, and Patrick in Kampala, Uganda.

School boy buddies.

Karen gets a very warm welcome by RUHU children.

Karen teaches a Bible lesson to RUHU school children.

This class is learning how to tell time.

A lunch of warm porridge is served.

Karen loved her visit to RUHU elementary school.

Don met with Patrick & William to discuss RUHU's achievements and challenges and their own personal development as leaders.

We saw these two little ones in the slums; how precious.   Truth Connect is so thankful for RUHU and its ministry to serve God's little ones.

Eating Roasted Termites In Kenya ~ October 2016

Truth Connect was in Kenya for a Leadership Training Conference in October, 2016.  Last year when in Nairobi, I had tried roasted termites in a restaurant.  Karen was traveling with me this year and I wanted to give her the opportunity to try something different ~ roasted bugs.  Karen is a real trooper and great travel partner.  And, as she ate the bugs ... commented, "chocolate would make them taste better."

Karen's frist bite of roasted termites or "kumbi kumbi".

I tried the termites first ~ just to make sure they were as good as last year.  

Africa's Beauty ~ God's Creation

Truth Connect was in Africa for a series of Leadership Training Conferences and meetings with church and community leaders.  In the middle of the trip, Karen and I took a couple days to rest and  appreciate Africa's beauty and God's amazing creation at Lake Nakuru Game Preserve located about three hours drive northwest of Nairobi.

In our tour van riding through Lake Nakuru Game Preserve.

This giraffe was only 15 yards away ~ he was as interested in us as we were  of him.

The Baboons were the most entertaining of all the animals.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jesus Love Ministry, Caring for Orphans in Kenya ~ October 2016

Truth Connect was in Kenya to teach leadership development in October 2016 (see previous posts).  While in Eldoret, Don and Karen visited with their friends at Jesus Love Ministry (JLM).  Bishop Wilson and Christine Kurui are the directors of JLM, a ministry that rescues and cares for abandoned and orphaned street children.  They currently care for about 80 children as young as a few weeks old to teenagers preparing to graduate from school.  Earlier this year, JLM was evicted from its leased property; this created a crisis.  Truth Connect presented the crisis to its ministry partners and was able raise funds that helped JLM relocate to its current site.  The ministry presently leases but hopes to purchase the property so it can have a permanent home.  JLM had a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration when Don & Karen visited them in October.  Truth Connect was careful to direct the praise and thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Provider and Sustainer for all that's done in his name.

The Jesus Love Ministry family.

Welcomed by the children who danced and recited Bible verses.

This young girl sang a beautiful song of welcome.

Karen holding "Angel" the abandoned little girl who was rescued from a pack of dogs.

Karen & Don cut ribbons and entered the children's new dormitories.

The children were very happy to show us their new dorms and beds.

The JLM kitchen prepared the celebration meal.

Wilson & Christine point at the adjacent property they would like to buy for JLM.  Please pray for JLM and their ministry with abandoned children.  It is a very good work!