Friday, February 16, 2018

Truth Connect Serves In Cap-Haitien, Haiti ~ January 2018

Truth Connect was in Cap Haitien, Haiti in January 2018 to serve the Haitian church and a team of American missionaries. Cap-Haitien is located on the north-east coast of Haiti about a 90 minutes from the border with the Dominican Republic.

Pastor Aleonce Bazile hosted the HOLD the children (Htc) mission team of 25 lead by Rich Rohde, Htc Director.  The mission team came from Port St. Lucie, FL and Silver Spring, MD.  The nucleus of this team has been visiting and investing in this Htc school for the past ten years.  Even though their trip is “short-term” their relationships with the community and children is “long-term.”  Gary & Dawn Stannis spearhead the team from Port St. Lucie and have a strong bond with the children and families in Cap Haitien.  Each year Gary & Dawn bring new mission team members to see what Htc is doing.  Many on the mission team are Htc sponsors and enjoy visiting with their sponsor children.  This particular Htc school in Limonade has blossomed over the years.  There are now over 300 children in the school. Pastor Bazile intends to add another grade to the school in order to accommodate the growth.  

Mission Discovery / HOLD the children mission team in Cap-Haitian, Haiti. 1/18
(Left to Right)  Don Schreier, Gary Stannis, Pastor Bazile, Rich Rohde

Children attending "HOLD the children" school in Limonade, Haiti.

 The actual school facility is growing too.  It began as a one room church & school ten years ago, but boasts over 15 rooms including a kitchen, offices, boys and girls restrooms, library and classrooms.  The building is still under construction and the mission teams help when they visit.  Another blessing to the school is the professional training of the teachers.  Scott & Kim Smith from Port St. Lucie provide annual teachers’ training seminars.  The Smith’s raise funds to buy supplies and books for the school and then personally go to Cap Haitien to teach the teachers.  

Children wash hands in preparation to eat lunch.

"HOLD the children" lunch being prepared for hundreds of school children.

After lunch, the clean-up begins.

Pastor Bazile continues to add classrooms to the school as God provides funding.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Bahamas Leadership Training Conference ~ November 2017

Truth Connect was in Nassau, Bahamas November 14-18, 2017 for a Leadership Training Conference (LTC).  Dr. & Mrs. Cherelus Exanté hosted the LTC at the New Haitian Mission Baptist Church.  Conference attendees came from four local Haitian churches as well as seminary students from the school Dr. Cherelus oversees.  The average attendance was well over 100 participants each day.  The conference theme focused on leadership do's & don'ts learned from Kings Saul & David. The conference finished on a very high note and there is great anticipation for next year's LTC. God is doing a wonderful work through Dr. & Mrs. Cherelus! Please keep them in your prayers.

Dr. Exanté & Mrs. Ann Cherelus, LTC Host & Hostess

The LTC averaged over 100 leaders at each session.

The ladies choir from a visiting church.

Exanté & Don have been friends since 1993 and have worked together in the Bahamas, the USA and Haiti. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Kampala, Uganda Leadership Training Conference, October 2017

Truth Connect was in Africa for three weeks to teach three Leadership Training Conferences (LTCs) in October, 2017. The first two LTCs were hosted in Kenya (see previous two posts). The third LTC was hosted by Pastor William Bukenya and the Zana Presbyterian Church, located a few kilometers south of Uganda's capital city of Kampala.  The two day LTC was attended by approximately 100 leaders, some from as far away as South Sudan.  Dr. Don Schreier and Mr. Ron Braley, founder of Finding Discipleship, Inc. were the conference teachers.  Pastor William also serves as co-director of Raising Up Hope for Uganda, or RUHU. Truth Connect toured RUHU's orphanages, schools, and slum ministry.  Patrick Ssenyonyo, is the founder of RUHU and was himself an orphaned street kid living on the dangerous streets of Kampala. His story is amazing and can be found on RUHU's web page at  I would encourage you to visit their web site and, if possible visit RUHU in Kampala.  RUHU is a worth ministry for you to support in prayer and financially.

William Bukenya,  Don Schreier,  Patrick Ssenyonyo

Host site for the Kampala LTC.

Don teaching leadership with his Kigali interpreter.

Mr. Ron Braley teaching discipleship principles at Kampala LTC.

Don Schreier,   Pastor Mulla,  Pastor William.  Pastor Mulla is from South Sudan and is the shepherd of dozens of Sudanese refugees who have fled their country due to civil war and famine. It was a privilege to meet this man of God and learn his story.

Zana Presbyterian Church ~ Truth Connect LTC #3, Kampala Uganda, October 2017

All LTC participants receive a Certificate of Achievement ~ it is highly prized!

We visited one of RUHU's schools.

Don teaching RUHU children the principle of sowing and reaping. Whatever seeds you sow in your heart, truth or lies, will bear fruit.  Scripture teaches, "from root to fruit" so be careful what you let into your mind and heart.  Each person is responsible for their own thinking and choices.

Ron teaching the children.

While visiting the slum children, Don sat in RUHU's halfway house and asked the children about their dreams.  Look at how excited they were to tell their story.  Notice that the children have books and pencils ~ they are doing their homework.  RUHU is helping these street children move from the streets to the halfway house to, hopefully an orphanage and school.  The work of RUHU is so impressive and worthy of our prayers and support.

Jesus Love Ministry, Eldoret Kenya Hosts Leadership Conference #2, October 2017

Truth Connect was in Kenya for two Leadership Training Conferences (LTCs) in October, 2017. The first was hosted by Glory Baptist Church (see previous post). The second LTC was hosted by Jesus Love Ministry (JLM) and Bishop Wilson Kurui and his wife Christine.  This was their first ever conference and they were so excited to host it at their main campus a few kilometers south of Eldoret. Jesus Love Ministry rescues abandoned and orphaned children and provides them safe shelter, care and school.   They currently care for over 70 children ages 1 year old to teenagers.  Bishop Wilson and Christine were excellent host & hostess to the nearly 100 LTC attendees, some came from as far away as the east coast city of Mumbai and others from Uganda to the west.  There was great enthusiasm and expectation to learn principles of leadership and discipleship at the LTC.  Dr. Don Schreier and Mr. Ron Braley, founder of Finding Discipleship were the instructors for the two day conference.

Mrs. Christine and Bishop Wilson Kurui, Jesus Love Ministry Founders and LTC hosts.

Dr. Don teaching and Pastor Anthony interpreting in Swahili.

Leaders listening and learning.

Mr. Ron Braley teaching at the LTC.

These lady leaders were checking out the principle being taught with their Bibles ~ good students!

The gentleman on the right was on the organization committee that  helped bring the LTC to JLM.

Jesus Love Ministry ~ Truth Connect LTC #2, Eldoret, Kenya ~ October 2017

These ladies prepared the meals and tea for LTC participants.

The cooks prepared daily meals for about 100 people over an open fire - it was sooooo good!

Some of the boys living at JLM.

How precious are these little ones living at JLM?!

This picture speaks volumes! Angel, on the left, is embracing and loving the little one who is frightened by Mzungu (the white guy taking her picture, i.e. Don). About two years ago, Angel was the little girl who was abandoned in a field at 3 weeks old and protected by a pack of dogs until rescued and brought to JLM. The rescued is now the rescuer ~ how precious!

Glory Baptist Church, Eldoret, Kenya Hosts Leadership Training Conference #1 ~ October 2017

Truth Connect was in Kenya for two Leadership Training Conferences (LTCs) in October, 2017. LTC #1 was hosted by Pastors Martin & Anne Shikuku at Glory Baptist Church located a few kilometers west of Eldoret. The three day conference was taught by Dr. Donald Schreier, Founder of Truth Connect and Mr. Ronald Braley, founder of Finding Discipleship, Inc. (, Round Rock, Texas. Approximately 100 church leaders gathered to learn key principles of biblical leadership and discipleship. Pastors Martin & Anne and the Glory Baptist Church also host a primary school for children, small orphanage, and a certificate Bible school for adults. 

Pastors Martin & Anne Shikuku

Mr. Ron Braley teaching at Glory Baptist Church, Eldoret, Kenya.

Dr. Don teaching and Pastor Alfred interpreting.

These leaders were eager learners. They had their conference workbooks and took lots of notes.

 Don (left) and  Ron stand by the church's LTC advertisement

Young leaders in the making!

Glory Baptist Church ~ Truth Connect LTC Participants, October 2017.

At the conclusion of the LTC, the leaders came forward and Don prayed for them.

Martin & Anne gave Don a carved elephant as a token of appreciation and love.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Truth Connect Trains Leaders in Romania - July, 2017

Truth Connect was invited to Romania in July 2017 by Mr. Scott Manganella, CEO of Precious Life (PL) and My Brother's Keeper (MBK), to train its national staff.  Scott Manganella and Luke Holtry are the leaders of a work in Romania that counsels and encourages women to carry their pregnancies to term and then helps them once they give birth.  It's a wonderful and life giving ministry.  Both PL and MBK have certified staff that goes into high schools to teach and encourage students the virtue and value of sexual abstinence before marriage.  Purity Presenters are courageous in their work as some are physically challenged by those who oppose this teaching from Christian worldview.  PL / MBK ministry teams also serve at orphanages by rocking babies and assisting churches in ministering to the needy.

Karen and I went to serve these beautiful and courageous Christian brothers and sisters.  We arrived into Budapest, Hungary and joined Scott's ministry team for the 4 hour drive east to Oradea, Romania. Here we taught the first of three Leadership Training Conferences (LTCs) to local church leaders and Non Government Organization (NGO) representatives.  Mihaela and Gabi were the national leaders who helped organize and facilitate the LTCs.  Mihaela was my primary translator for the LTCs and radio interviews.

We then drove another four hours east to the medieval city of Sighisoara in the heart of Romania.  The entire staff of My Brother's Keeper met here for 3 days of rest, encouragement and leadership training.  I enjoyed ministering to this fine group of people.

We then drove another four hours east to the city of Ploiesti (near Bucharest) to meet with the Roma Church, also known as Gypsies.  The Roma people are extremely hard working and good natured.  Truth Connect provided an LTC at the Roma church to a very eager group of learners. Pastor Oprisan invited me to preach at both the Friday and Sunday services and it was my joy to do so.

Karen and I enjoyed this trip very much.  The country of Romania is beautiful!  The people of Romania were very friendly, kind and receptive.  It was Truth Connect's joy to invest in the staff of MBK and the Church in Romania by encouraging and teaching Biblical leadership principles.

July 2017 Romanian ministry team. Scott Manganella is sitting at the front right.

Gabi & Mihaela are key national leaders for MBK.

Oradea, Romania LTC #1.

Mihaela interprets as I do a local Christian radio station interview.
LTC #2 with MBK staff in Sighisoara.  Mihaela interprets for me.
LTC training has to be fun as well as instructional.  "Zip zip!"

MBK staff at LTC #2. Scott Manganella is in back row, far left.  Luke Holtry is on the far right. Both men are instrumental in leading this fine team.

The Roma Church leaders listen during LTC #3.

Roma Church LTC participants.  

Roma Church leader, Pastor Oprisan was very gracious to Truth Connect by hosting an LTC.

Joe & Kelly Barnouski at the Roma Church loving on the children.  

Karen embracing a precious little Roma girl.

No matter where I go, I love playing with God's little ones.  In a sense, I have grandchildren all around the world.  I give God thanks for this; He is so good to me!