Monday, July 24, 2017

Truth Connect Trains Leaders in Romania - July, 2017

Truth Connect was invited to Romania in July 2017 by Mr. Scott Manganella, CEO of Precious Life (PL) and My Brother's Keeper (MBK), to train its national staff.  Scott Manganella and Luke Holtry are the leaders of a work in Romania that counsels and encourages women to carry their pregnancies to term and then helps them once they give birth.  It's a wonderful and life giving ministry.  Both PL and MBK have certified staff that goes into high schools to teach and encourage students the virtue and value of sexual abstinence before marriage.  Purity Presenters are courageous in their work as some are physically challenged by those who oppose this teaching from Christian worldview.  PL / MBK ministry teams also serve at orphanages by rocking babies and assisting churches in ministering to the needy.

Karen and I went to serve these beautiful and courageous Christian brothers and sisters.  We arrived into Budapest, Hungary and joined Scott's ministry team for the 4 hour drive east to Oradea, Romania. Here we taught the first of three Leadership Training Conferences (LTCs) to local church leaders and Non Government Organization (NGO) representatives.  Mihaela and Gabi were the national leaders who helped organize and facilitate the LTCs.  Mihaela was my primary translator for the LTCs and radio interviews.

We then drove another four hours east to the medieval city of Sighisoara in the heart of Romania.  The entire staff of My Brother's Keeper met here for 3 days of rest, encouragement and leadership training.  I enjoyed ministering to this fine group of people.

We then drove another four hours east to the city of Ploiesti (near Bucharest) to meet with the Roma Church, also known as Gypsies.  The Roma people are extremely hard working and good natured.  Truth Connect provided an LTC at the Roma church to a very eager group of learners. Pastor Oprisan invited me to preach at both the Friday and Sunday services and it was my joy to do so.

Karen and I enjoyed this trip very much.  The country of Romania is beautiful!  The people of Romania were very friendly, kind and receptive.  It was Truth Connect's joy to invest in the staff of MBK and the Church in Romania by encouraging and teaching Biblical leadership principles.

July 2017 Romanian ministry team. Scott Manganella is sitting at the front right.

Gabi & Mihaela are key national leaders for MBK.

Oradea, Romania LTC #1.

Mihaela interprets as I do a local Christian radio station interview.
LTC #2 with MBK staff in Sighisoara.  Mihaela interprets for me.
LTC training has to be fun as well as instructional.  "Zip zip!"

MBK staff at LTC #2. Scott Manganella is in back row, far left.  Luke Holtry is on the far right. Both men are instrumental in leading this fine team.

The Roma Church leaders listen during LTC #3.

Roma Church LTC participants.  

Roma Church leader, Pastor Oprisan was very gracious to Truth Connect by hosting an LTC.

Joe & Kelly Barnouski at the Roma Church loving on the children.  

Karen embracing a precious little Roma girl.

No matter where I go, I love playing with God's little ones.  In a sense, I have grandchildren all around the world.  I give God thanks for this; He is so good to me!

Truth Connect Trains Church Leaders in USA

Truth Connect has been training leaders internationally for more than five years.  In April and May of 2017, Truth Connect provided 8 weeks of leadership training for The Emmanuel Baptist Church staff of Johnstown, PA.  Pastor Kirk Rowland invited Truth Connect to come and provide weekly training sessions for its 11 staff members.  Pastor Kirk experienced The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Master Mind Group (MMG) training I taught a year earlier. He benefited so much from the training that he wanted his staff to experience the MMG.  It was an investment of time and money that has proved to be well worth it.  The MMG provided great content for personal leadership growth from John C. Maxwell's best seller The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  The staff had opportunity in each of the 8 MMG meetings to discuss how the leadership principles applied in their spheres of influence personally and professionally.  To grow as a leader, one must be intentional. How are you becoming a better leader?  Begin to day to be intentional about your personal are worth it! The Law of Process teaches that leadership develops daily, not in a day.

Emmanuel Baptist Church staff enjoying The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership training.

The Emmanuel Baptist Church staff (not all were present for photo).

Pastor Kirk and Mrs. Jen Rowland.  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Visiting Mission Emanuel, Santo Domingo, D.R. March 2017

Truth Connect was in Santo Domingo,  Dominican Republic to present a Leadership Training Conference to Haitian leaders in March, 2017.  While I was there an old friend contacted me.  Jim Sweeney and I  worked together at Mission Discovery over 10 years ago.  I left Mission Discovery in 2010; Jim left before that.  Since then he has become the Executive Director of Mission Emanuel in Santo Domingo.  When he saw I was in town, he invited me to visit their ministry and have lunch.  I was very impressed with the work that Mission Emanuel is doing to serve the people of Santo Domingo.  The ministry has a church and school, evangelistic mission outreach, medical and dental clinic, purified water supply depot, a women's empowerment ministry and a community building construction program.  Jim & Cindy Sweeney are good people and are doing a great work in the D.R.  I would encourage you to visit Mission Emanuel's web site ( and if possible, visit their campus in Santo Domingo.  Thank you Jim for sharing your ministry; it was a great visit!

Jim Sweeney and Don Schreier at Mission Emanuel campus in Santo Domingo, D.R.

Santo Domingo, D.R. Leadership Training Conference ~ March 2017

Truth Connect was in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for a Leadership Training Conference (LTC) March 1-3, 2017.  Pastor Acegene Dumerver and the Iglesias de Jesu Christo ~ Maranatha hosted the three day conference.  This is the third year that Truth Connect has provided the LTC for Haitian church leaders ministering in the Dominican Republic.  Pastor Aleonce Bazile served as my interpreter as I taught the 40 participants leadership principles of Israel's shepherd~kings.  The church has made good progress since Truth Connect's last visit in November, 2015.  

Pastor Dumerver, LTC host and Pastor Bazile, Don's interpreter.  

Pastor Bazile and I working together to teach the LTC.

Students review their handouts for the LTC.

Conference attendees with their certificates of completion.

Cap Haitien, Haiti Mission of Mercy ~ February 2017

Truth Connect was in Cap Haitien, Haiti to assist with a mission of mercy February 23 - 28, 2017.  Richard Rohde, Director of HOLD the children (Htc) child advocacy organization, asked me to join him and his team of 23 on this trip.  The purpose of the trip was to minister at the Htc school in Limonade.  The mission team from Port St. Lucie, FL and Silver Spring, MD helped take pictures of the children and update their personal information for the sponsorship program.  A medical team also examined over 400 school children, teachers, and local adults in need.  Two sewing machines were also delivered with instructions on how to use them.   My primary mission was to serve the mission team ministering the Haitian people.  Each evening I would lead a team devotional and prayer time.  And, since I have been working in Cap Haitien for a number of years, I drove one of transport vans and helped with logistics.

Pastor Bazile is the Limonade school's founder and director.  

Children who attend the HOLD the children school await their turn to be seen by the doctor.

Med team prepares donated meds at the field clinic.

Each child is weighed so the doctor can give proper dosages of meds.

Parents await their child's turn for Htc photos and then med clinic.

Medical examiner needs a good interpreter to help her learn the child's need.

Donated sewing machines along with instructions are extremely practical ways to help.

Leadership Team (left to right):  Don Schreier, Gary Stannis, Aleonce Bazile, Rich Rohde.

Monday, February 6, 2017

India Training Conferences ~ January 2017

Truth Connect (TC) was in India for two training conferences in January, 2017.  Pastor Moses Kancharla and the Berea Baptist Church in Chintal, Hyderabad hosted both a Spiritual Life Conference (SLC) and a Leadership Training Conference (LTC).  This was TC's fifth successful trip to India to encourage and equip Church leaders.  Dr. Donald Schreier and his wife, Karen, were the teachers for both conferences.  The SLC's focus was on the spiritual and practical lessons learned from the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament.  The LTC's focus was on leadership lessons learned from Old Testament Kings.  The LTC hosted pastors from more than 200 kilometers away.  Truth Connect gives God thanks for His providential blessing and protection during this time of travel and training.  Truth Connect thanks all of its prayer partners and financial supporters who invest in this ministry.

Pastor Moses, Enosh "Happy", and Ratnah Kancharla were the conference hosts & hostess.

SLC participants listen attentively.  The Indian church is hungry for God's word!

Dr. Don and Auntie Karen were the conference speakers. 

Pastor Moses interpreted for Dr. Don for both SLC & LTC.

Indian ladies in their colorful saris love to study God's word.

Entire families participated in the SLC.

Indian pastors digging into the LTC lessons.

Indian pastors learning how God prepared King David to lead His people.

The pastors contrast the good and bad leadership characteristics Israel's kings.

Each learning session began with traditional Indian worship music and songs of praise to Jesus.

Karen ministered and encouraged the Indian ladies.

What a beautiful group of believers!

Certificates of achievement were given at both SLC and LTC.

After each teaching session the people would come for prayer.

Praying over God's little ones.

The Indian girls wear lots of bright colors and jewelry.

This father and son were key helpers for the SLC & LTC.

The Indian tradition of honoring guests and saying "thank you" is to place a shaw over the shoulders and a garland of flowers around the neck.  Pastor Moses honored Dr. Don and Ratnah honored Karen.  It was a wonderful end to a great week of learning and deepening friendships. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Truth Connect Trains Leaders in Kampala, Uganda ~ October 2016

Truth Connect was in Kampala, Uganda in October, 2016 to teach a Leadership Training Conference (LTC).  Pastor William Bukenya was the conference organizer.  He also serves as co-director of Raising Up Hope for Uganda  (RUHU ~ see previous post).  Pastor Fred and Justine Bakaluba of Healing Springs Church, Nakuwadde Bulenga hosted the LTC.

Last year when I visited with William and Patrick to tour RUHU's work with street children, we dreamed of doing a LTC together this year.  William was instrumental in making it happen.  He knows the value of investing in leadership training and he wanted his fellow Ugandans to benefit from Truth Connect's ministry.  This year's LTC was a great success with over 100 leaders in attendance, some traveling hundreds of kilometers to attend.  There is already great anticipation and planning underway for next year's LTC in Kampala!

Pastor William (right) welcomes the conference attendees.

LTC host & hostess, Pastor Fred and Justine and family.

I taught the LTC from 10am until 5:30pm ... and they wanted more!  It was a great time of learning and sharing God's Word and biblical leadership principles.

Ugandan Pastor and I enjoyed becoming friends.

Pastor William's wife, Esther and their precious little one.

Erick Simba came all the way from Nairobi, Kenya for the LTC.

LTC attendees were so happy to learn Biblical leadership principles.

Healing Springs Church helped provide a hot lunch at the LTC.

Conference attendees were eager learners.

All LTC participants received a highly prized "Certificate of Achievement".